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There are times in life when you seriously feel that life is more than just pictures, technology, health and excercise. You can find those rambles here. In todays life there is little time for such feelings so except an only an occassional scribble in this section.

 As the world rushes to Chinese manufacturers, with the main intention of lowering costs and increasing profit margins, quality seems to be taking a back seat ... more.

A feeling of job insecurity can demotivate you. There are ways in which you can feel more secure on the job. Make sure that management is aware of your capabilities and capacity ... more.

Scientists blame most natural calamities on global warming. They could be wrong, scientists have been wrong before, this general article takes a deep dig on global warming, more than a comic writeup it is a brain teaser even for the braniest ... more.

Digital photography has today become very affordable, even digital cameras in the lower price bracket can give spectacular image resolution and image size. However, the size of a digital image should be decided based on the use to which the the digital images will be put ... more.


The calm and composed manner in which the disciplined Japanese people responded to the natural and manmade disasters of 2011 is admirable. And yet, it is this peaceful attitude that has made the Japanese government ignore the feelings and thoughts of the Japanese people ... more.

The Americans are scared after the triple tragedy in Japan. A devastating earthquake triggers a tsunami and is the cause of a nuclear accident that contaminates food and water. The mideast violence and increased chances of terrorists attacks scares many Americans. See how some Americans are paying to stay prepared for doomsday ... more.

Vegetarian visitors to a predmoninantly non-vegetarian nation like Thailand can find that getting vegetarian food is quite an adventure. Whether it is Thai veg food that you want or any type of vegetarian food in Thailand, you should not miss this valuable report ... more.

The role of packaging in marketing. Some manages treat packaging as a burden, others think that a package is only meant to protect a product. So what exactly is the role of packaging in selling or marketing a product, can packaging costs add to the value of a product ... more.

Feng shui recommendations for the house and home are fast becoming popular. Feng shui tells you about negative energies that can, damage the bond between members of of a home. It recommends that you work on the fine details in the house and each of the rooms in the house. The idea is to enhance the chances of positive energies flowing and lingering in the house ... more.

Technological developments in aviation will need to encompass passenger aircraft and the emphasis cannot be merely on building larger and more luxurious aircraft, safety standards need to be improved and rescue and salvage operations for accidents need to be given importance too, the tragedy of MH370 should awaken us all ... more



It is really sad when innocent children are exposed to various dangers. A number of children die each year in the U.S, this because they are forgotten or intentionally left alone in cars ... more.

Digital photography has made things easy, keep your creativity alive when taking digital photographs ... more.

Online security threats can cause real damage. Understand how to avoid internet frauds, advice and suggestions ... more 


Collection of Buddha statues. Includes some very impressive photographs of Buddha statues. The standing Buddha, sitting Buddha and even the reclining Buddha statues are well represented here ... more.


The temple ruins in Ayuthaya, a very interesting place to visit in Thailand. The huge temple complex in the wat maha thaat temple was destroyed in a war with Burma. Check out this interesting report ... more.


The Taj Mahal is one of the wonders of the world. This huge monument of love took 20,000 craftsmen and over 20 years to be completed. Shah Jahan died a prisoner in a building near the Taj Mahal ... more.

Did you know that the famous Heart of the Ocean Pendant worn in the movie Titanic was a fake? The Kaisilver report explains how a cheap cz stone was used in the center of the heart pendant instead of a genuine sapphire ... more.

The Thai bio products development has been tremendous. By handling the entire process covering producing bio raw materials, to processing and packaging has given the country a leading edge in the international market for bio based products ... more.

Cufflinks today combine style and utility. Custom cuff links in gold or sterling silver can include gemstones of your choice. There are interesting ways in which plain cufflinks can be enhanced in terms of appearance and style. Birthstone cufflinks are increasing in popularity ... more.

Amazing antique furniture styles, heavy chairs, carved wood furniture and a stunning dinner table and chairs set with stained glass chairs. We bring you a fascinating collection of old style furniture, something that is steadily fading away as the tomorrows pass by ... more.

Don't let social media marketing confuse and overwhelm you. While social media is soon to become one option for business marketing, you can experience the benefits of social media without putting in too much of money and effort. We show you how to incorporate social media in your marketing and sales campaigns without, making a big investment or fuss ... more. 


Digital cameras are getting to be very popular, sharp and clear images are very easy to take when you use a digital camera. We explore digital photography beyond the auto mode, ride with us ... more.

Are we protecting talking of labor rights in our country while exploiting lack of labor rights in other nations? Profits at any cost ... more.


Digital cameras are sensitive electronic devices, repairing a digital  camera can be expensive or even impossible.  This article covers some very useful suggestions and tips, advice on how to care for your digital camera ... more.


Social networking is the buzzword of today. You are really not in trend if you do not have a facebook or twitter account. The constant push to stay connected has given a tremendous boost to social networking, but this has it's dangers too ... more.


Penguins are surely one of the most recognizable birds on our planet. And yet not many people are a good knowledge about this amazing bird. Get some interesting facts about the penguin ... more.

Heart surgery and heart attacks put a severe strain on the heart. It has been found that ribose a simple form of sugar can significantly cut recovery times for the heart. While this study was researched on animals, medical experts are positive about sugar being beneficial for heart recovery among human beings too ... more.

What is the meaning of yin yang, can the yin yang tradition and theory be applied to daily life. We explore ways in which the yin yang can be used to motivate and encourge us to lead a better and more peaceful life even when life is not so smooth ... more.

America goes bang bang, from school kids, to frustrated or dangerously insane adults - the regular tragedies of Americans shooting Americans is sad. However, the entire American image is built on a type of super confidence and hype, that encourages people to get violent ... more

Jade a gemstone that has a tremendous history. Some buy it for it's sheer beauty, others wear jade jewelry with the hope of benefitting from it's special 'powers'. How many buyers are actually aware that the color of jade need not always be natural. But even those who are aware, seem to be glad that dyed jade packs beauty and affordability into a natural gemstone ... more.

Australia is well known for it's gorgeous opals and has rightfully earned the name 'opal country'. Australian scientists now claim that, this gorgeous gemstone could also be present on the red planet, Mars. The similarity in appearance of the land in the opal yielding region of Australia with that of the Mars surface and some more scientific facts, are used to support the theory. So can you have an opal ring with a gem that came from outer space ... more