Titanic Movie, The Kate Winslet Sapphire Pendant - The Inside Story

The movie Titanic was made after a thorough research into the available information regarding the sinking of this gigantic ship. The historic records related to the Titanic suggest that, there was a big sapphire pendant aboard the ship. It was this that prompted the producers to include a large sapphire and diamond pendant in the movie. This was the gorgeous big heart pendant worn by Kate Winslet. The pendant was called the Heart of The Ocean Pendant, the blue sapphire center gemstone did full justice to the name.

Once the movie was released, the design of this big heart pendant got tremendous popularity. Jewelry businesses flooded the market with cheap fakes that imitated the heart pendant worn by Kate Winslet in the movie. When the movie was still running and fresh in the mind of the public, these replicas sold for as much as 200 U.S$ to 300 U.S$. The price gradually dropped and bottomed out at around 25 U.S$. Some interesting events took place after this and this Kaisilver report, goes deep into the story.

The above image shows the large sapphire diamond ring that we are referring to. Most of the people who saw the Titanic were impressed with this jewel. The size of the blue sapphire is stunning, the jewel looks like it was warth several million dollars. The truth is far from that, the center stone in the heart pendant worn by Kate Winslet in Titanic, had no expensive gems at all. The center stone was a cheap man made CZ (cubic zirconia) gem. This gem costs several thousand times less than a genuine blue sapphire. There is no official note about the small diamonds surrounding the center CZ heart shaped stone. However it is fair to presume that the surround stones were in fact white CZ stones and not diamonds. It is said that Twentieth Century Fox paid just 10,000 U.S$ for the white gold pendant and necklace studded with CZ stones.

Some of the jewelry manufacturers that produced the cheap replica Heart of The Ocean  pendant, boasted of the fact that the 'original' Kate Winslet pendant on which their jewel was based, was also a fake! This was ofcourse true because the big heart pendant in the movie was not a sapphire pendant at all. An interesting turn of events soon came about when the jewelers who produced the fake for the movie, did something absolutely mind blowing. The went on to craft a REAL platinum blue sapphire and diamond pendant. This jewel included a 170 carat heart shaped ceylon blue sapphire. Sapphires from Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) are some of the most sought after gemstones. A 170 carat ceylon sapphire is rarely heard of. The platinum heart pendant also included, high quality white diamonds that were set around the heart blue sapphire center. This big sapphire pendant was priced at a terrific 3.5 million U.S$. A far cry from the 10,000 U.S$ pendant that was used to shoot the movie.

The amazing happenings related to this awesome sapphire heart pendant never seemed to cease. The jeweler agreed to sell the 3.5 million U.S$ pendant for just 2.2 million U.S$. For this to happen, there was one important condition to be fulfilled. Celine Dion who was the singer behind the famous song My Heart Will Go On from the movie Titanic, was to wear the sapphire pendant for the Oscar award ceremony. She did so and the pendant was sold to one of the jeweler's wealthy clients.

The Kaisilver team did a comprehensive study on the blue sapphire heart pendant and compiled this report. We do hope that you have enjoyed reading it as much as enjoyed presenting it to you. If you have a mind for jewelry, check some more details on such heart shaped pendants at http://www.sapphire.directstones.com/big-sapphire-heart-pendant-titanic-ds-info-01.htm we welcome your comments and suggestions at easyrambler@rocketmail.com .