Easy Rambler

Everything here is ramble, endless talk on endless issues anything that comes to the mind, head and heart. Life is too diverse to be restricted to a blog, so it is here in a complete website. Don't get offended by what is written here, just stop readying if it offends you. Bookmark this site and make sure that you come back very often if you like it.


Have you every felt that you word is not being heard? Like you sit talking in a meeting and everyone is waiting for you to finish. You strike up a conversation on a flight with the guy next to you and he suddenly remembers that he is quite sleepy. You get this gut feeling that everybody thinks that you speak junk and irrelevant things. You could be right, but there is a way out.


When this happens to you, don't talk just ramble. Gather your thoughts and shove them online, people read everything online. People search for everything online, life partners, medicines, pets, air tickets, divorce procedures and even pirated software!


Different people like to ramble about different things, so a guy who can ramble about everything is bound to become popular. Keeping this in mind, we need to sharpen our rambling skills. Seeming like an authority in any subject is a great asset!  


Rambling is an art, a rambler an artist. When you ramble about something the receiver should not be made to feel that he is being attacked by ramble. This can demotivate any artist, so first learn to make the receiver feel that he is gaining some valuable information or advice from your rambling. Once this happens, anything that you say gets the attention of people and earns you respect. Many long beardered philosophers have exploited rambling to the maximum. Devotees come to them for all types of advice.


There is no age limit when it comes to rambling. You might have come across 6 to 8 month old children. They ramble a lot, waaah-eeee owww-maaaaa, adults lack the I.Q to understand what such coded ramble means but it is all intelligent ramble. Old people ramble, sometimes they ramble to themselves as the younger generation likes a different type of ramble.


T.V show hosts are great ramblers too, they have audience in the studio who are paid to listen to their ramble and sound impressed. And then they have this large following at home, who looked at the impressed studio guests and start liking the T.V show host too. This has huge commercial value too, for example a T.V host who is as fat as a large sofa could advertise dietary supplements. These are the foods that you need to survive on once you have eaten everything that was in the refrigerator!.