If you asked me what is management, well it is the art of getting things done. But they taught us that management is a science and not an art. But by experience I have seen some managers implement management like an art, some implement it as a science. Some of them don't implement it at all, the organization seems to be driven in auto-pilot. These probably are the Fortune 500 companies. Managers should probably remain out of view and the workers should seem to be running the place, sounds stylish. And then you only hear of the manager when he leaves the organization or as is getting more common, when he is sacked.


A few examples of good management. It is rightly said that good managers learn and evolve. The belief that some people are born to be managers is wrong. Education can teach you a lot of about management but, you can still turn out to be a misfit in the corporate world. A good manager is willing to learn and willing to teach ... more


Saw this mobile barber operating on the busy Silom Road in Bangkok, Thailand. Interesting business model but, costs and revenue need to be wisely evaluated. The fact that the barber van could drive away to different locations might, make it tough to get repeat clients? Some interesting thoughts on this business ... more.  

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How management exploits consumers by shamelessly taking advantage of lax in Chinese safety and health standards. Americans and global consumers left exposed to dangerous products from China. All in the name of low prices and high profit margins ... more.

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Meetings can turn out to be a waste of time and result in lowered efficiency if, they are not  organized well. The objective of the meeting should be defined, the people invited to the meeting should relate to these objectives. The utility of a meeting can often be observed some time after the meeting, here is the report ... more

Cost cutting and management cost efficiency are two different issues. Organizations generally cut costs when the business is low but, management cost efficiency should be practised every day. It should be an integral part of company and management policy ... more.

Social media marketing benefits can be derived with little effort. Your business need not be tech savvy to harness the benefits of social media. A little commonsense and some minor actions can put you on the right track. This report on magical benefits of social benefit is a great resource ... more.


Managers should be evaluated before being, periodic evaluation after that is also important. When checking the performance of a manager, set some clear parameters and expectations. Managers are hired to build and develop teams, they should work with their juniors rather than compete with them. We talk about this in detail ... more

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