Manager Types, Some Traits To Avoid


Manager types, an interesting topic to ramble about.  A manager can stir an organization to dizzy heights or bring even a robust organization to the ground. It is not easy to define a good manager but bad managers are easy to spot! The way people are managed or need to be managed also depends on the type of staff that you are referring to. Geographical location also influences the management style. Some countries exhibit a very high rate of efficiency among all staff levels. The manager in such cases has a small role to play as far as managing of staff is concerned. In this article we talk about some management styles that are quite common.


Manager plays favorites: This type of manager is not hard to find. He will never treat all staff alike. A group of staff will be very close to him and will always have his undivided attention. Salaries and other benefits are unfairly and unequally given preference when it comes to his favorite group of staff. While no one else can enter the office late in the morning, anyone from his favorite group can do so with daring immunity!


Manager buried in work: You walk into an office, 20 to 30 staff are deeply engrossed in their work. The manager is also sitting at his desk bent over his work. You might think that this is a good example of efficiency where everyone keeps working. The fact is that such an organization is unlikely to develop and grow in the long term. With everyone burried in their work it means that, no one is really doing any planning. A manager is hired to train and supervise staff not to do the job himself.


Manager building popularity: In this case the manager is not partial to some of the staff, he let's all staff have a great time. Efficient and inefficient staff are treated the same way. This is a recipe for disaster. While it makes him very popular among the inefficient staff, the efficient staff will soon be dissatisfied since there is no relationship between performance and rewards.


Political manager: Such a manager never has peace of mind. Spends most of the time watching others or even finding faults in others. Most managers who fall in this category do not have any capability and are a waste of organization money. They live by buttering their superiors and feel important by directing gossip through the organization. Some business owners love to have such people around, others cannot stand the sight of them. No organization can benefit from such a manager, it might even be too late to realize that.

I know all manager:  An interesting manager profile, this is the type of guy who claims to know everything. All activity and tasks performed by staff at all levels or functions needs to follow all that he says. You must admit that this suits the style of some staff, those who want absolute spoon feeding and prefer to take no responsibility whatsoever. This management type can be dangerous where such managers expect everything to work their way but, are yet not willing to take responsibility when something goes wrong.


Office like my house manager: We have come across many such managers, they treat the office like their own property. Come to office when they feel like, leave when they feel like. Use staff to run personal errands for them. Spend hours on the phone talking to their spouse and children when in office. They use the office property and services for their personal work. Such activities might not appear to be too bad for the organization but there is an added problem here. Managers who fall in this category generally lack efficiency and capability when it comes to doing work related to the organization.


Manager flirt: There are many managers who would fall in this category. Hire sexy secretaries, beautiful girls in every department. Most of these dolls cannot work so another pack of serious staff are hired to actually do the work. The end result is that the manager is busy in extracurricular activities during office hours. Employee costs go up for more than one reason. The pretty dolls get paid hefty salaries with lots of perks thrown in. The need for second tier staff who do the actual work means that you end up paying double costs on employee costs.


Having rambled thus far, let us define a good manager!!! Hmmm well, see that the manager you hire has little or no property traits mentioned above and it is very likely that you have found the right person.