Stay Healthy Stay Safe

Staying healthy is about the mind and body, the term wellness probably sums up that in a better way. In general it is true that,  hectic physical work as part of a profession or household duty, does not provide the ideal mode of exercise. When you get ready to exercise, learn to calm your mind down - stay relaxed and focus, all attention and strength on the physical part. If done consistently and in the right way, exercise will gradually reward you with a more calm and composed mindset. Many professional trainers claim that a relaxed mind puts you n the right mood to exercise. So it is really a two way process - simply said, exercise involves a combination of mind and body. In this connection we cover a range or articles related to health, wellness and exercise. It is very likely that you will identify your lifestyle with at least some of these, so make sure that you bookmark this page and keep coming back. 

stress during pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic if 2020 stressed out people in all walks of life, all economic levels and most nations. Existing anxiety related to education, medical ailments, financial woes, job insecurity etc, were further aggravated with the pandemic rampage. Having said all that, it is important to aim for a sound mind and body even in such adverse circumstances ... more

chocolate health dark chocolate

Chocolate as we know it has significant amounts of sugar and fat that is added during the production process. However the cocoa ingredient in these chocolates provides significant health benefits. Dark chocolate  is  a formula where, limited amounts of sugar and fats are used in the making process. This means that the cocoa element is high - therefore healthier ... more

health tips for seniors

Seniors can lead a healthy and active lifestyle, the right food and nutrition has a major role to play. Stay healthy in seniors or for that matter, for people of all ages is not just about exercise. Certain foods can work negatively on your health, they could give rise to chronic health issues and these, might require medications to be taken for long or even lifelong. Read this report ... more

cholesterol and stress link

Stress seems to be a mental thing, something that can get you down but not seriously affect your health. The fact is that, stress when consistent and prolonged can be deadly. A clear link between high (bad) cholesterol and stress, has been scientifically proven. The dangers of high cholesterol levels need not be emphasized. Here is a more detailed report ... more

almond health benefits

Almonds are good for the heart, protein and fat in almonds provide some very important health benefits. You might be interested to know that, almonds that are soaked in hot water and then de-skinned provided an added dose of nutrients. Almonds can be eaten as a snack and prove to be filling for a few hours. This report tells you a lot about almonds, give it a read ... more.   

covid-19 vaccine, treatment, precautions

Largely from economic necessity, communities and countries have gone back to their normal lifestyle after the pandemic. While this is fully understandable, it is important to keep some basic precautions in mind - COVID-19 vaccinations and treatment options, masking and social distancing are all relevant to this day. As individuals each one of us has a duty, to try and contain the spread of this virus. The medical and pharma sector, should keep researching issues related to vaccinations, treatment and precautions ... more