Covid, Moving Forward 

The COVID-19 pandemic caused havoc - to the extent that no one ever imagined. All nations was unprepared but, looking back at the peak pandemic in the 2020-2021 days, the fact remains that no human or government, could have been prepared for such a crisis. Lockdowns though controversial are likely to have helped control the pandemic to a certain extent. Lockdowns were also a measure used by governments to control things until, medical preparations were in place. No one would dare say that, the COVID-19 crisis is over, governments are now focused on economic rebuild - so COVID-19 might get lower exposure. In this report we talk about some random ideas and suggestions. Remember that we might have to adjust our life and lifestyle to live with this virus. We are still not out of the COVID-19 infection danger, but total lockdowns and 24x7 masking are not really practical. 

covid mask public transport

Very diverse opinions about wearing a mask to prevent a COVID-19 infection. Having said that, wearing a mask when using public transport, might be a wise idea. Long distance travel could pose a challenge though. Air travel which happens faster might, reduce the risk of infection. 

covid mask children

While it does seem that children should be well protected to reduce the possibility of being infected by the COVID-19 virus - wearing a mask when doing high physical activity like running or playing a sport, might not be advisable. Schools should promptly isolate children who show symptoms of infection. 


True that the start of the pandemic in 2020, saw an extreme scarcity of suitable face masks - this was presumed to be the first line of defense against the COVID-19 virus. China which is one of the largest provider of medical quality masks, saw most of its production facilities shut - this due to the large number of COVID-19 infections in China. We will not get into the debate about, China's role in spreading the virus. Countries like India which were capable of producing large volumes of medical masks, was handicapped as the country depended on Chinese raw materials for production. 

We then moved to a phase when the scarcity of masks started easing, many governments made it mandatory for people to wear masks. Should be mentioned that we saw some vehement opposition to masking, this was most glaring in certain portions of USA. There is enough of evidence to prove that, effective masking reduced the chances of spreading the COVID-19 infection. Let us not forget that we passed through a time when even, the medical community was unsure of the treatment to be followed. The first COVID-19 infection peak was passed, without any COVID-19 specific medications available, without any vaccines in existence. Lockdowns, social distancing, masking and hand hygiene were the only options available. 

No doubt that a large number of people have totally given up masking (mid 2023), some even ridicule those who continue to be careful and have some form of masking strategy in mind. While it is not really possible to stay masked 24x7, a smarter option would be to develop a masking strategy. You could carry a mask but, decide to where it when using public transport or entering crowded areas. And in cases where you could conveniently avoid, being present in a crowded area - exercise common sense and make a wise choice. 

Cannot exclude children from this discussion, school life and even children playing - involves a high degree of physical activity. While the COVID-19 scare might suggest that, kids wear a mask at all times when away from home - this is neither comfortable nor advisable. Schools might have to provide more spacious classrooms or even, give the children a break in an open area, every couple of hours. Another effective step would be for schools to immediately isolate children showing, symptoms related to COVID-19. The efficiency of ATK testing kits has improved significantly in recent times, schools should make use of them to identify possible infections. Continued research is necessary when it comes to testing, protecting and treating children in the era of COVID-19. 

Keep in mind that masking and social distancing, should work together to reduce the chances of a COVID-19 virus infection. An office meeting being conducted in a closed room with, attendees sitting close to each other - should ideally require attendees to be masked. 

covid vaccine
covid wash hands hand hygiene


Just to clear the confusion, we are talking about 2 separate things in this portion of the report. Vaccines and hand hygiene are those two separate things! Taking the easier one first, cleaning your hands each time you return from outside or before, you have a meal is good hygiene - this with or without the COVID-19 scare. Running water and soap or alcohol should work fine. We should continue with  this habit, no reason to stop it. Cleaning hands has become easier with the advent of, alcohol swipes which are convenient to use. Fitness centers, hospitals, businesses dealing with a large number of people etc - should give added importance to hand cleaning. 

And now for COVID-19 vaccines, hats off to the medical community for coming up with a vaccine within, a very short timespan. Not wrong to say that, the hurried approach made humans a part of the testing phase. But with thousands of lives being lost across the globe each day, there was really no option. We started hearing about the need for a single dose that, would be sufficient to provide protection from the COVID-19 virus. Somewhere down the line the need was felt, for vaccine dose consisting of two doses - a gap of 15 to 90 days was advised between each COVID-19 dose. 

Vaccine manufacturers got a taste of big money and things became, a bit murky after that point. We were told about the need for booster COVID-19 vaccines every few months. Don't forget the call for mixing different vaccine types - first doze Astrazeneca and second dose Moderna etc. We go back to the point raised earlier about, the rapid pace at which COVID-19 vaccines were developed. Fair to say that testing was hurried, long term effects of multiple COVID-19 vaccines remains a mystery. While there does seem to be sufficient data to state that, fully vaccinated people got a milder version of COVID-19 infection - the long term impact and the dangers of taking 3,4, 5 or even more doses of the COVID-19 vaccines, remains unclear. 

What we do need at this point is for vaccine manufacturers to come together and chart future strategy. The severity of the COVID-19 scare has cooled down, the right time to develop better vaccines and study the long term effects of vaccines administered so far. Sadly this might be easier said than done mainly because, the commercial aspects of COVID-19 vaccines and medications, makes it unlikely that pharma companies would come and work collectively. 


We are not in the peak COVID-19 pandemic, though the virus still keeps infecting humans - the effects seem to be more manageable now. So we will widen the scope of the term 'medications' to include some interesting parameters. At the very obvious level COVID-19 medications would include, medicines that would be used to treat a COVID-19 infection. Focus should be on developing COVID-19 medications that have reduced side effects. This might also imply developing a range of COVID-19 medications, for different patient profiles. 

Continuing the topic on medications related to the COVID0=-19 infection, we should mention options like nasal sprays, possible even tablets or capsules that significantly reduce the possibility of catching the infection. While these would not be medications that would be taken often, they would be useful when travelling or visiting a crowded place. Sprays that claim to offer a degree of protection against COVID-19 infection, are currently available. The right move but, prices should be very much more affordable. 


We spoke about the medical community it is now time to define our responsibility as responsible citizens. If symptoms similar to those shown by a COVID-19 infection appear in your case, make sure that you wear a mask. Keep physical distance and consider the possibility of taking some time off from work or any other form of outing. ATK testing kits for COVID-19 now have a high degree of accuracy, they are moderately priced and the testing can be done at home - results appear within 15-30 minutes. And if you test positive for the COVID-19 infection, get medical advice. Follows safety measures at home or at work, be responsible without showing any signs of panic. 


Wishing that the COVID-19 virus has left the world is misleading. Accept the fact that life has changed, we need to stay aware of this virus and future viruses that could affect our lives. Each one of us and that includes the government, the medical community and businesses - need to stay alert. We are alive today but remember that, millions of lives were lost during this pandemic, awareness and common sense continue to be our friends. 

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