Food and Drinks

It is not how much you eat that matters but rather what you eat. Across the globe there is someone eating some living creature every second. Vietnam and some parts of Thailand are known for their dog meat. Chinese eat snakes, worms, eels and anything else that dares to move. Vegans eat vegetables, fruits and leaves, they are living creatures too but they do not' moan and groan as they are cut, sliced, grated, smashed, boiled or fried. Interestingly some religions recommend vegetarian food at certain times and for a certain number of days. It probably started with the fact that butchers took a holiday on those days for some unknown reason.

 The first ramble of food, talking about Thai food and eating habits in Thailand. This article on food is more like an appetizer and there is more to come. Don't miss out on this, read it and learn much in a nutshell ... more.

It is not often that the popularity of a food dish, brings up the demand for a side dish. We talk about thai satay sticks, and satay sauce or peanut satay sauce. Two dishes that are almost treated as one but are, totally different ... more

A very popular Thai food dish, Khanom krok is a vegetarian delight made from rice flour, coconut cream and sugar. Many Thais eat khanom krok for breakfast while, foreigners generally consider it to be a great dessert to be relished after the main meal. Making your own khanom krok is not a complicated task too ... more

Health concious people are today turning away from white polished rice and reaching for brown rice instead.  Newcomers often complain that brown rice is quite hard, learn how to cook brown rice the right way ... more. 

Satay a very popular Thai food dish, gets it's name from an Indonesian word that was originally meant to describe a specific way in which meat was cooked. The Kaisilver recipe to make Thai satay is regarded as the most comprehensive and well explained recipe for this dish ... more

benefits of whole grains

Whole grains are good for you, it is important to incorporate whole grains and whole grain foods in your dailydiet. We tell you more about the health benefits  of whole grains ... more

We take a close look at two very popular ingredients used in numerous Thai food dishes namely, coconut cream and milk. You will also know about ways to make your own coconut milk and coconut cream ... more.

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