Khanom Krok (That Sweet Dish)

Khanom Krok is a popular Thai food dish, an easy to make delicacy with rice flour, coconut cream and sugar as it's main ingredients. Since it is basically sweet, most foreigners refer to it as a dessert but, local Thais think differently. Most Thais consider Khanom Krok to be a significant part of a meal or even a complete breakfast. It is widely believed that this Thai rice pudding has it's origin in the ancient palaces of Siam, the fine taste of the pudding and it's rather elegant presentation seem to support that belief. Making Thai Khanom Krok is not difficult and the ingredients are fairly easy to find. But you will need to keep a few things in mind to get the best results for your cooking venture.

khanom krok thailand
khanom khrok thai

The special pan used to make this popular Thai food dish, is generally made of iron but in the old days, baked mud Khanom Krok pans were quite common. Since most cooks recommend that all the indented portions of the pan be filled with the mixed batter, choose a pan that has a number of indents that is suitable for you. Many enterprising amateur cooks forget to put the lid on their khanom krok as it is cooking, this is something that can substantially alter the texture of the pudding. Placing a lid on the Khanom krok pan helps to retain the heated steam which in turn, helps to better cook the pudding. Not placing the lid will allow the steam to leave the pan, this can make the khanom krok rather saggy and tough. Another thing to note is that, both the mixtures used to make the rice pudding are NOT put into the pan at the same time. It is necessary for the first (base) layer to get a bit heated before, pouring the topping mixture in. 

While medium heat is recommended for cooking khanom krok, the exact cooking time can vary a bit - this would depend on the exact heat level, the thickness of the pan and also the water content used. Keep an ideal time range of 7 to 10 minutes, periodic inspection by momentarily opening the lid that closes the Khanom krok pan is recommend after 5 minutes of cooking time. With a little bit of experience, you will be able to accurately estimate the cooking time for the khanom krom in your cooking environment. If you notice the pudding in the above image, you will notice that the edges of each pudding piece has a brown lining - this signifies that the khanom krok is cooked and ready to be taken off the pan. 

If you are located in Thailand, finding a place that sells khanom krok would rarely  be a problem. Street vendors generally put up their food stalls outside office buildings. Shopping malls and food courts are also places where you can get this delicious Thai food dish. No matter whether you cook your own khanom krok or prefer to but it from a food stall, this awesome Thai rice pudding is bound to impress you with it's classic and mild flavor. 


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