Health Benefits Of Exercise

Exercise and benefits of exercise. This is just one of the many articles that will cover issues related to the benefits of exercising. Some of the benefits are not commonly stressed in books and articles, so you are bound to hear something interesting and surprising.  Most people exercise only when their doctor tells them to do so. Such people are very likely to forget their doctors and exercise easily and soon. But once you become aware of the true benefits of exercise you will enjoy exercising and feel the positive effects of doing so.

health benefits of exercise

Had come across a guy in the gym who made an interesting statement. Panting and puffing as he excercised he said that, excercise cannot be deposited in the bank and excercise does not get you any interest! Does sound amusing but something is being clearly missed here. If you agree that excercise improves your health, it is paramount to being able to work efficiently and drive money to your bank account. Another fact is that bad health brought about by lack of excercise can cost a lot  of money to be medically treated.


Many of us are not aware of a medical condition that we suffer from. For example, feeling exhausted with no reason can be a sign of a heart condition. As a result of this, we rest when we feel exhausted which is not bad but there is something more to this. When you excercise, such problems are more likely to throw up and exhibit clearer symptoms. When this happens STOP your excercise activity and visit your doctor. For example, the exhaustion issue might lead to a pain in the chest when excercising. The earlier such problems are detected and treated the better.


One thing that you cannot deny is that, excercising builds stamina. This refers to both mental and physical stamina. Something that is important to perform efficiently in your profession or business. Irritation, lose of temper and even fatigue are often the result of lack of stamina. So this benefit of excercise has longterm and long ranging effects.


There is one misunderstanding about excercising that many people still bear in their mind. They see that even those who excercise fall ill, sometimes quite seriously. They then underestimate the true benefits to be derived by excercising. Let us explain this issue in simple and clear terms. No human being can remain healthy all his or her life. But a body that has been toned and strengthened by excercise is less likely to get seriously ill. And even if such a person does get ill, his body is in a better position to stand up to medical treatment. Never forget this and always keep it in mind when you hear negative comments about excercising.


Unlike what many people feel, excercise is needed by everyone. The young, old, sick, pregnant, handicapped all need some form of excercise. You might have come across cases where bed ridden patients are asked to move hands and feet while lying down. This is an important requirement for improving blood circulation. When a patient is under medication the medicine needs to flow through the blood stream to the portion of the body where, the medicine is needed to work. Inefficient blood circulation will also reduce the effectiveness of the medication. The elderly who can barely walk, can be pushed in a wheel chair in open areas like gardens and parks. A gentle movement of the hands and legs and even movement of the fingers and toes would prove beneficial.

When the entire family excercises together, many more benefits of excercising occur. This activity can build up better relationship in the home. Playing a game of tennis, badminton or even just jogging together in the park can be great fun. It might not be possible for all family members to come together every day to excercise but, you can keep this as an important activity during holidays and weekends.


A sound body results in a sound mind and most of us who manage businesses or work in offices rely more on our mind than on muscular strength. Your mind cannot be alert, responsive and adjustable if your physical health is below par.


For people suffering from medical conditions like diabetes and heart ailments, excercise is as important as medication. Your family doctor can advise some specific types of excercises in such cases. The time of the day when you perform such excercises might also be recommended by the doctor. Diabetics are advised not to excercise on an empty stomach. Similarly weight training excercises might not be good for some people with heart related diseases. Asthma patients are another case who need excercise but under medical advice and supervision.


There are some physical postures in yoga that are very beneficial in treating conditions like back aches, neck aches and even breathing problems. The western world has been quick to realize this and various courses are now offered to treat specific ailments. Such excercising technics can drastically reduce the need to intake of medicines and in some cases can avoid the need for surgery. This is not fiction but a fact, so consider this form of treatment before filling yourself with tablets and painkillers.


The new generation of work from home people often suffer from a problem. This is the lack of live interaction with people. Playing team sports like tennis, football, basketball or even just joining a group of regular joggers can help relieve this.


People often ask which is the best form of excercise, unfortunately there is no single excercise schedule that is good for everyone. You can try jogging, aerobics, swimming, brisk walking, any type of game, weight training or even yoga. For those above 25 years of age and also for those with any medical condition, medical advise is advisable before starting any excercise.


The above is a list of often ignored benefits that excercising can bring. While excercise itself might not be a fun thing for everyone, the benefits of regular excercise will surely be felt by all. Rest assured that this ramble related to excercise will not end here. We will keep writing more articles on this topic so make sure that you keep coming back.

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