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The content on this website is general ramble, nothing serious and not with reference to any particular person. It is perfectly understandable if you do not agree with some or even all of the content published on the site. However it is likely that, you have something to add or comment about on some of the content. You are welcome to email us at We might not answer every email, we will specifically refrain from answering emails that are likely to spark heated debates of vociferous thoughts and ideas.

If you do not agree with most of the content or feel very agitated about the articles published on this website, we have two humble suggestions to make. The first suggestion is to stop visiting this website and stop reading the contents. The second suggestion is a bit more logical, we would suggest that you start your own online resource with content that you feel is better than what we have published. Then send us the link to that online resource, we will love to visit it.