The Gentle Shimmer Of Moonstone

The Romans and Greeks associated moonstone with their lunar gods and goddesses. They believed that the moons rays froze a long time ago and turned into moonstone. Scientists explain that, the shimmer and glow and shimmer displayed by moonstone is caused by the internal diffraction of light.

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Science has a habit of being boring, folklore and ancient beliefs reveal the romantic touch of this fascinating gemstone. The Indians went one step ahead in associating moonstone with the romance of moonlight. The belief was that wearing a moonstone made a person feel more romantic, he or she would also be more compassionate when  dealing with a person. Moonstone according to them could rightly be described as a lovers stone. Crystal healers often recommend that married couples wear a moonstone jewel, the gem is believed to encourage harmony and sincerity at home. 

Moonstone is a type feldspar, technically explained it is formed of two different types of feldspar that are present as alternating layers. Light that strikes the gem gets diffracted and generates the enchanting glow. Since this effect is an optical phenomenon, the shimmer appears differently when the gem is observed from different angles. When humans first came into contact with moonstone, they believed that the gem changed (the shimmer) based on the phases of the moon. 

The best display of the sheen and shimmer on moonstone is observed in white moonstone, the gem should not be too transparent. You can find moonstones in a bunch of colors like grey, blue and peach. Both men and women wear the gem, men rarely choose any color besides white. Including gems that display an interesting phenomenon in your jewelry collection, adds an element of refined sophistication to your look. 

We spoke a lot about moonstone and even mentioned a few important thing about its internal composition but, we cannot ignore the important role played by humans. If you observe a piece of rough moonstone, you will have no indication of the beauty that the gem offers. It is only when a piece of moonstone is rightly oriented and shaped that, it begins to look awesome. You will notice that almost all cut and polished moonstone gems have a smooth cabochon cut, this is the ideal shape and cut to display the soft shimmer on the gem. 

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