Wearing A Pendant, Not Just About Style

We have come to a time when style and fashion are essential, jewelry is worn to give us that upscale and well dressed look. Pendants are interesting jewels, they are worn around the neck, it is not uncommon for a pendant to remain hidden. So why would anyone want to wear a gorgeous gemstone pendant if, no one could see the jewel. We dedicate the rest of this report to understand more about pendants and the reasons for which they are worn. 

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Pendants can have meaning, this even if they are stylish and expensive. You could wear a gemstone pendant that, centers your birthstone. The practice of wearing a birthstone is not new, it originated centuries ago and many historians claim, that it is rooted in the 12 gems worn in Aaron's Breastplate. Each one of us has a special gemstone, one that is directly linked to the month in which we were born. A few people are lucky to be born in a month that, has more than one birthstone. When you wear a birthstone pendant, the jewel might not feature into our overall look and style statement. The size of the birthstone pendant is irrelevant to its significance, you can choose a design based on your budget. 

Gemstones might not be an essential part of pedants with a meaning. Shape can be an important feature in many pendants, think about a cross pendant. You might come across cross pendants studded with precious gems or diamonds but, the basic shape of the pendant holds its meaning. You might be surprised to know that at least half the number of men who wear a cross pendant, never really show the pendant when it is worn. The simplest way to do this would be to wear the pendant on a long chain. 

Many of us would wear a pendant that was received as a gift, for sentimental reasons. A husband serving in the army might gift a pendant to his wife, the jewel symbolizes a closeness that even being physically apart cannot erase. In this case, the design, gemstone or metal that features in the pendant are not important - the meaning is in the gift factor. 

Just how large should a pendant be, this is a tricky question. We should leave this to personal preference, many ladies prefer to wear fairly small and elegant pendants. Wearing a short chain that holds up the pendant against the neck, makes the pendant more visible. A dress with no color or a simple round color, can draw attention to the pendant. Many of us might not choose the size of a pendant based on whether it is visible. Large elaborate pendants with a classic design, studded with gems and diamonds are not uncommon. 

And do men like large pendants, this question needs some explaining to be done. Most men's pendant are in the 2.5cm to 3.75cm size range - not huge but surely not tiny. Interestingly, men who love to wear big pendants could choose a pendant that is as large as 3 to 4 inches or even larger. Not all men prefer to show the pendant that they wear but, men who prefer big pendants are more inclined to show their pendants.