Sapphires Are Perfect For Heirloom Jewels

Decades ago, Prince Charles from the British Royal family gave Lady Diana a gorgeous sapphire and diamond ring. The ring was to make an engagement that led to a lavish and heavily publicized royal wedding. Diana was often seen wearing that amazing sapphire ring, the marriage then went through rough weather and the gorgeous lady lost her life in a shocking way. Decades later, Prince William the son of Lady Diana was preparing to bring Kate Middleton into the fold of royalty, he gifted her a sapphire and diamond ring on the occasion. This ring had in a very special way linked Kate to Lady Diana. The ring was an heirloom ring as it contained the same sapphire gem that was set in Lady Diana's ring, the jewel that she received from Prince Charles. The ring was remade using gold that already belonged to the palace. Interestingly this is not the first time that sapphires have been passed down from generation to generation in British Royalty. The RG224PS Pink Sapphire Ring, could be ordered with blue, pink, green, yellow or orange sapphires. You could even mix different sapphire colors in the same ring. 

It is generally seen that rubies, sapphires and diamonds are most often seen in heirloom rings and jewels, let us understand why this is so. We will take sapphires as an example, and try to explain why this gem is so suited for heirloom jewels. 

Sapphire Heirloom Jewels

  • Sapphires have since ancient times been associated with true love, loyalty and honesty. 
  • This makes sapphires for wedding and engagement rings, this is true for men and ladies. 
  • Sapphires by nature are tough and durable, this makes them easy to maintain and long lasting. 
  • You can wear a sapphire gem for years and decades and yet, the gem would keep looking gorgeous.
  • Many civilizations in ancient times, reserved sapphire gems for royals, statesmen and aristocrats.
  • Sapphires are rare and have always attracted premium prices, this makes them valuable. 
  • Sapphires are available in a range of sizes, grades and prices they can therefore fit many budgets.
  • In modern times, scientists have proved the existence of sapphires in many colors and not just blue.

So the next time you are shopping for an engagement or wedding ring and would like it to be a sapphire ring, try to choose a jewel that has a classic appeal. Such jewels never appear outdated, and good workmanship and design will give them a gorgeous look. And when you pass them down to someone special in the family, he or she could even have the jewel remade and set the same gems and diamonds, in a new ring with a different design. 

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