Don't Do These 7Things, With Your Engagement Ring 

An engagement ring  is one of the most important jewels in a persons life, it marks commitment that will last forever. Each one of us has a dream ring that we would love to own and wear to mark that very special day. The journey begins with finding the right ring, it continues to wearing it, storing it and taking care of it. We all develop a special connection to this special ring and getting it lost or damaged can be painful. In this report we list the things that, you should never do with your engagement ring. Not much of sales hype here but, we have sprinkled a few designs for you to review - inspiration for your own special ring. 

claddagh engagement ring
sapphire diamond ring

DO NOT make a rush buy decision when it comes to an engagement ring. You don't want to compromise on quality or preferences when it comes to an engagement ring. A custom ring is the perfect option even if, you find your dream design stacked in the jewelry showroom. Readymade jewelry is always made to minimize cost and maximize profit. A custom made engagement ring on the other hand, will be crafted just for you, the jeweler will not need to cut on features just to offer a  'friendly' price tag. You could for example, pick the design for a 3 diamond ring and request for the center gem to be replaced with a blue sapphire or any other gem. You will most probably be wearing your engagement ring often and for prolonged spans of time, this requires an optimum gold weight even if, that weighs on the price tag. These specific requirements and advanced features are possible only when, the jeweler gives complete attention to crafting that single piece for a specific customer. A ready made engagement ring could take 4 to 6 weeks to be ready,  so start searching and negotiating well in advance. 

white gold engagement ring
mens wedding engagement ring

DO NOT be bogged down by traditions and conventions when picking an engagement ring. The guy generally chooses the engagement ring for her but, it is perfectly fine if both did the selection - together. There is no 'standard' or 'best' engagement ring design, the choice is entirely yours. Keep in mind that the dimensions of the ring, will influence the comfort level of wearing it. There is no hard and fast rule about diamonds being an essential component of an engagement ring. Colored gemstone engagement rings have grown immensely popular, you could have a few sprinkled diamonds to add that glitter element. Having said that, there is no need to hold back your keen desire to wear a diamond engagement ring. Jewelers have exploited the 'how much to spend on an engagement ring?' question to their own advantage. Work within your budget, you do not want to be exceedingly frugal as it is a one-in-a-lifetime investment. 

diamond engagement ring custom
mens ruby engagement wedding ring

DO NOT wear your engagement ring in environments that can expose it to physical impact, strong chemicals or detergents etc. These are conditions that can damage even the best engagement ring. When you wish to store your engagement ring, keep in a safe place. A jewelry box is fine as long as the ring is placed in a separate padded compartment. We personally know a couple of young ladies, who put their engagement ring so safely away that, they could not relocate the jewel for a few months! If you your engagement ring on and happen to unexpectedly be in a less than ideal environment, consider turning around the ring. This would mean that the diamonds or gems in the ring are inside your palm when you fold your fingers.  

opal gemstone engagement ring
tanzanite engagement ring

DO NOT wear your engagement ring when swimming - this for a number of reasons. The water in swimming pools is generally treated with chemicals and disinfectants, these can affect the metal and gemstone in your engagement ring. It would not be surprising if the ring hit against various parts of the swimming pool. Towels and swimming suits are likely to snag the prongs used to set the stones in an engagement ring. This could cause the prongs to open up and loosen the stone. Depending on your location and the time of the year, the water in pools could be quite cool or even cold. This could contract fingers and thereby loosen the ring - you could end up losing your gorgeous engagement ring in the water. 

engagement ring for men
ruby diamond engagement ring

DO NOT wear your engagement ring when bathing. Soap will make your finger slippery and the ring could slide off your finger - disappear in the drain or bounce on the hard floor. Soaps, shampoos and hair dyes contain chemicals that your engagement ring can do without. Bathing is one time when your hands could strike against the tiled walls, wash basins and bathing tubs - you would be glad if the ring was taken off and kept safely.  Towels, napkins and bathing robes can cause the prongs in your ring to snag and loosened stones could drop off. 

DO NOT take your engagement ring off in a public washroom. It is interesting to note that women, who are reluctant to take off their special ring when going to bed, have no second thoughts in taking it off when washing hands in a public washroom! No shortage of sad stories where rings were forgotten in washrooms - they could get stolen or fall into the basin and slide down the drain. If you happen to have your precious ring on in such a situation, try to turn the ring with the gems or diamonds facing the palm and then, wash your fingers as lightly as possible. Not the best option but, losing the ring can be quite painful. Soapy fingers can cause rings to slip off unknowingly, something that you will need to be cautious about. 

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sapphire engagement ring

DO NOT wear your engagement ring to bed, that is the time when you want complete rest and relaxation. Hard bed corners and boards etc are places where you could get your ring hit and damaged. Gemstone or diamond prongs in the ring, could get caught in pillow covers, bed sheets and blankets and open up - thus loosening them. We have head of cases where women have unintentionally, scratched themselves (or their partners) with their engagement ring - in bed. 

We do hope that you find the above information to be useful. Pass the link on to someone if you feel that it would help them. The rings on this page have been published with permission from Kaisilver, the leading online custom made jewelry provider from Thailand. Each ring is linked to a complete report that provides all details including details and pricing. Kaisilver can also craft your engagement ring with a design provided by you. You can contact the Kaisilver team directly at, with any questions or requirements that you might have.