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An interesting business model seen in Bangkok Thailand. A barber operating from a mobile van. We saw this on the Silom Road in Bangkok Thailand, location was next to the Starbucks shop on Soi 19, Silom Road. Remember that we are talking about a mobile (not fixed) barber shop - so the guy could drive away to a different location, for various reasons. In any case what we are talking about is the business concept of operating a mobile barber shop, some random ideas and comments so give it a read. 

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The mobile barber in Bangkok Thailand did his branding by displaying the business name on all sides of the van, good idea as the business gets seen from every angle. The van was parked in an open area (private property) of the busy Silom Road in Bangkok. Quite sure that he had t pay rent for parking the van there. 

The van had two professional barber seats at the back, the kind of seats that you would see in a regular barber store. Just 1 barber and 1 customer on that day, so if the van had to hire 2 barbers - the related costs would be factored in. From the context of cost and profitability, it would be good if the barber or 1 of the barbers was also the driver of the van. No doubt that the van handled clients only once the mobile barber van was parked!

Important to understand that, there is no waiting place as such - if clients interested in a haircut are more than the number of barbers in the van. So you have a balance to work out, the cost of keeping 2 barbers on hand and the possibility of getting both seats occupied for most of the time that the mobile barber van is parked. 

Coming to the pricing part of the business, the cost of a basic haircut in this mobile barber van in Bangkok Thailand - the price as 350 Thai Baht around US$ 10 to US$12, this for a basic haircut. On the running cost side would be, the cost of hiring the barber(s) and the parking cost. Not factoring in the cost of the van, chairs and required instruments as, those are long term or fixed costs. 

Some relevant comments about this barber business model. The pricing which is close to US$12 for a basic haircut might seem fine considering that, the most barbers in that location on Silom Road Bangkok would have a similar pricing structure. A drawback is that the mobile barber van in this case, was parked next to the main road  - client parking is not available or is a few blocks away. 

If this is to be a growing business concept it is important that, the owners come up with a strong business pitch and explain, the true advantages of choosing a mobile barber in a van over a fixed barber shop. The timings and work days should be clearly communicated - remember that the van could just drive away!


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