Lifestyle And Trends

Lifestyle is not an easy term to define, it basically includes almost everything that you could be doing in your life. Eating habits, exercise or the lack of it, dress style, leisure activities and a whole gamut of other things together define the term lifestyle. Many people confuse lifestyle with trend and fashion, lifestyle comes close to defining how an individual runs his or her life. In this section we compile some awesome reports related to lifestyle, the content has wide appeal. Keep coming back as the page will be updated regularly. 

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ruby silver ring

Chic24x7 brings the luxury look and feel of natural rubies in a range of sterling silver jewelry. The price range for these 925 silver jewelry with ruby is very attractive, here is the story ... more

gem treatments

Is gem treatment a science. Critical parameters are often controlled to a high precision in the treatment of gemstones. So is the process of treating gemstones a science ... more

malaysia jewellery

The importance of Malaysian jewellery in global markets has grown in the last couple of years. No doubt that CERES Gold with its impressive track record, has brought a higher level of recognition to gold jewellery from Malaysia. Read the full report on CERES Gold jewelry at ... more.  

certified diamonds meaning

Certified diamonds have their features and other properties tested by diamond testing laboratories. Important to understand that both natural and lab created diamonds can be certified. The test certificate would state clearly whether the diamond certified is a lab or natural diamond.  We talk about diamond certification and provide some useful info related to them in this report ... more

engagement rings 7 things not to do

As you shop for your engagement ring and wear it, here is some top advice from Kaisilver experts. 7 things that you should never do with your engagement ring, a must read ... more

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