Lifestyle And General Info Reports

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Lifestyle is a term that includes a number of activities and elements, clothes, jewelry, exercise, food and even travel can be included in the term 'lifestyle'. We have compiled a bunch of awesome reports for your reference in this section. While some of the reports in this section might be related to style and trends, others have a high utility value and are relevant to almost everyone. There is no heavy sales pitch to the contents in this part of the Easyrambler website, we have emphasized more in terms of health and some features of style and fashion. 

vegetarian thai food

Vegetarian visitors to Thailand might need to do a bit of searching to get food that is suited to their needs. Most Thais are non-vegetarians but, locating veg food is not really very tough, this report has some awesome info ... more.  

doomsday america

There is a growing fear among Americans that, a sudden calamity natural or man made, could instantly pose a danger to the their existence. Commercial enterprises are cashing in on this fear, we talk about what is on offer ... more

exercise is good for health

An exercise schedule can be tailor made for people of every age and to suit all medical conditions. Exercise is good for the health, it does far more than just make muscles stronger and improve overall mobility,  we tell you ... more

birthstone bracelets

Choosing birthstones for a custom bracelet is an awesome way to add meaning to the jewel. While you could repeat a single birthstone all through the length of the bracelet, it is also possible to combine different gemstones ... more


Pendants can be stylish and gorgeous but, they are often worn for their deeper meaning and significance. Our report provides useful and interesting information related to pedants. A must ready for every jewelry and gem lover ... more

yin yang meaning

The yin yang motif is simple and void of too much color, but it delivers a strong meaning that is relevant even today. We talk about the concept of yin yang that originated thousands of years ago, there is no religious angle to the motif ... more


Men today give far more attention to the jewelry and other accessories that they wear. Cheap plastic and steel cufflinks have given way to quality cuff links crafted in gold and 925 sterling silver, gems can add color and style ... more

opal price

What would be the price of a good opal ring. It is important to understand opal gems and learn the factors that, affect the price of opal. The cost of an opal ring would be influenced by the quality and price of the opal gem, read our report ... more

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