Feng Shui At Home

You might have heard about feng shui but, not really understood what it means. With it's origins in China, feng shui today has world wide appeal. Western nations are increasingly looking for ways to gain some degree of peace and harmony with the environment. This search for harmony applies to all activities that we as humans indulge in. Without getting into the history and traditional aspects of feng shui, we will try to explain some concepts related to feng shui that can be applied to your home. As you read through this report you will realize that, the same concepts with little or no change can be applied to your work place too. We will not try to connect feng shui to any specific religion, we will also not waste time debating whether it is related to any religion. All we want to do is what feng shui ideas can be applied to your home.

When you talk about a home it generally implies that, there are a few members of a family staying in the place. Each of those individuals would have their own habits, sentiments and ideas. A happy home is one where there is a good understanding between members of the home. People in the house know how to adjust to each others ideas and feelings. Ocassional arguments and debates might not be totally absent but, they generally end with both sides feeling good and not holding hard feelings against each other. Now that is a vision of a happy home and a happy family, reality can vary from home to home. When the members of a family quarrel often and do not have a feeling of bonding and closeness, we often blame it on ego, temper and moods. Feng shui takes a different view, it explains that certain structural features in the construction of the house can, encourage negativity among members living in the house. Feng shui concepts then explain how you could reduce the negative effects in your home, something that is relevant to all of us.

We will not pass any critical comments for or against, feng shui comments. But we surely have a very constructive suggestion about what you will read in this report. Read the various issues discussed in the report, step back and reflect on them. While you might or might not believe in the concepts of Feng Shui, you will agree on one thing. Working on the feng shui recommendations to resolve the negativity of your home, can itself build a healthy team and family. Just keep in mind that every (grown up) member of the family, should be part of the problem definition and the implementation of the solution. Once you have all members of the family working today, there is a feeling of unity that develops. Each one starts believing that their differences and quarrels are really being caused by some external element. At that point, everyone works to drive the negative feelings away. You then charge the home with positive energies and this helps develop an environment, where every member of the family feels good, feels safe and feels confident. And this is the perfect feeling for a home, everyone prospers in their personal and professional life. 


Let us begin our discussion on feng shui for the home with an interesting example. You have a main entrance door into your home, this generally is in what we refer to as the 'hall room'. It is common for homes to have a wall clock that directly faces the main door in the hall room. This is a convenient position for the clock where, anyone entering or leaving the house can get a quick glance at the current time. Feng shui takes a different view of the clock and it's specific position. The idea is that, a clock keeps reminding us of time that is passing by. It relates it to good times or even our life, that always has a limited lifespan. The recommended provided by feng shui for handling the issue related to the position of the clock in the main room is simple, simply shift the clock to another wall that does not directly face the main door.

We all have at some time or the other entered the main room of a home where, mounds of books are piled at every corner possible. The corner of the dining table, above and below the center table, the window sill and even a few extra chairs in the room could be used to pile books. Intellectually this scene might gain full marks, it reveals the refined reading habits of the members of the family. Visitors to the home can pull up a book and browse through it, debates and discussions could also evolve at that point. Feng shui for the home tells us that, this mindless display of books kept in the front room of the house actually disturbs peace at home. Members of the family tend to get agitated and moody for no known reason. Negative energies are attracted into the home, members of the family feel the effects without being aware. Feng shui offers an easy way to clear up the negative energy around us, not much money or effort is required to implement these measures. All you would need to do is to keep a few interesting books in the front room, arrange them neatly in a book cabinet or shelf. Move the remaining books to the inner rooms, it might be a good idea to arrange them neatly in those rooms too.  This is what will attract positive energies into the home, members of the family are more at ease with each other and themselves. 

From what is in the room to the location of the room itself, here is an interesting piece of advice related to feng shui. We refer to the front room of the house, the room which has the main entrance to the home. This might not be applicable to apartments or bunglows that have a single floor concept. But if you have two or more floors for your house, read this carefully. Should the front room be located directly below the toilets, expect negative energy to reside in the house. Tensions and fights between members of the family and even, medical problems like frequent headaches could be the result of the positioning of the toilet in your home. For those of you who wish to construct a new home with the right feng shui elements, the positioning of the rooms in the house might not be a big issue. However if you already have a house ready where, the main room happens to be exactly below a toilet, breaking and re-constructing the house would surely not be an option. Feng shui offers a more feasible solution, something that will not cost you much. It recommends that a few potted plants be placed in the corners of the hall room.

Let us discuss one more case study where feng shui concepts have some interesting interpretation. This relates to the display of weapons in the home. In many countries including the United States, hunting is a hobby. Many citizens keep guns and related ammunition in their home. What feng shui recommends is that, such objects not be put on display in the house. There is a logical explanation to this. Guns and similar weapons represent violence, danger and revenge. These negative feelings attract negative energy into the home and this in turn, affects the mental states of members living in the home. Members may fight for silly reasons, tempers may flare and violent actions might settle in their minds. Guns and other firearms can also be very dangerous if they fall into the hands of children. Right feng shui practice recommends that, firearms and other dangerous objects be locked away safely out of reach and out of sight. This would help usher in a more peaceful attitude at home.

We began this report by telling you that, you could draw on some feng shui concepts to better your life. While you cannot control the environment around you, it is possible to maintain a fair degree of harmony with the things and situations around you. If you wish to implement some feng shui concepts in your home or office, try to get everyone around you to participate in some way or the other. This will help build a team spirit and make people more receptive to each others ideas and feelings. Our report on feng shui in the home provides more information, you can review it at http://www.leisure.food-recipe-cooking.com/feng-shui-and-home-01.htm