Excercise, Benefits For Everyone

Most people are aware that excercise is useful and yet, a large number of people do not excercise. With various reasons and excuses given for not excercising, the true benefits of excercise somehow become blurred. Ask anyone who excercises regularly, and they will say a tonne of good things about excercising. One thing is very clear and that is, the fact that excercise has today become an essential activity. It is best to integrate an excercise routine into your lifestyle.

It is never too late nor too early to begin excercising. Many people ignore this fact and do not make a move until some form of medical ailment comes to light. Even at that time, we would suggest that it is never too late to begin excercising. There are various forms of excercise, you can tailor a specific excercise routine depending on your age and overal condition. Help from your doctor can go a long way in choosing the right excercise routine. You do not have to do heavy excercises that are normally done by sportsmen and athletes. At the same time your excercise routine should cause moderate exertion, just how much is moderate is something that you and your doctor can decide.

In this report we will talk about excercise, the various types of excercises and also explain some of the popular excuses given to avoid excercising. Just keep in mind that regular excercise at every stage of your life, is like an investment for the future. Ageing is unavoidable but, maintaining a fit body and mind based on your age will prove beneficial in more ways than one.


If you feel that excercise is a burden and something that can be treated as optional, you are mistaken. The benefits of excercising are real and many, the important thing is that you cannot do very long without these benefits. It is therefore a good idea to start excercising now. Read all the details in this report, make sure that you have understood them - refer them to your doctor if you have any doubts or serious questions.

Remember that many benefits from excercising are something that cannot come through, diet control or medications alone. Basically there is no substitute for an excercise routine. And this applies to people of all ages and conditions.

Two very important organs in the human body are the lungs and the heart. When you excercise the heart gets a tone up too, this improves blood circulation. Excercise does put pressure on the breathing mechanism in the body, this improves the efficiency of the lungs. With an increase in age, pressure on the heart is increased due to various reasons, even mental stress can cause the heart to be stressed. With regular excercise the heart is better prepared to handle such issues, it therefore does not get over-exerted.

The physical benefits of excercise are the most glaring. Stronger muscles and flexible joints improve overall health. When you have a strong body, your level of confidence and energy is boosted. This will help you to better face stress and similar conditions, without over-exerting your mind or heart.  Do not overlook this fact, our daily lives our becoming increasingly stressful and we need to find ways to cope with sustained stress.

We are all aware of the dangers of high cholestrol levels in the the blood stream. Medical research has managed to differentiate between HDL (good cholestrol) and LDL (bad cholestrol). Excercise has a wonderful role to play here too, it has been performing this role long before medical researchers were able to recognize good and bad cholestrol. Excercising helps reduce the bad cholestrol and increase the good cholestrol levels in the blood. This in itself is a very strong reason for you to excercise.

Excercise is like a stress buster, all you need to do it is control it and direct it to work for you. In todays competetive world, you cannot wish stress away, it is here to stay and you need to prepare yourself to cope with it. Sustained stress if not controlled can lead to cholestrol and heart related problems. When exposed to stress, a weaker mind and body is likely to show more negative effects as compared to a strong mind and body. Excercising will help you face stress without fear, this itself helps control the negative impact of stress on your physical and mental condition.

Excercise is for everyone, there is no barrier related to age, sex or condition. If you have not already set up a regular excercise routine for yourself, do it now. There are various types of excercises and this makes it possible to tailor specific excercise routines for every individual. If you thought that people with some chronic ailment should not excercise, you are dangerously wrong!

There are a number of medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and even heart ailments where, doctors strongly recommend excercise along with medication. You should infact consider excercise to be part of the medication and treatment. Your doctor can provide you with more information and help you select the excercise routine that is suitable for your condition. Do not rely merely on medication to improve or stabilize your condition, excercise is a must.

We mentioned diabetes and excercise above, let us say something short but important on this issue. Diabetic patients suffer from abnormally high sugar levels, excercising can help moderate the level of sugar in the blood. It is also true that, the insulin works with increased efficiency when you excercise.

It is also right to talk about ageing and excercise. Ageing is inevitable, when we age the body movements slow down, the joints become weaker and this can be quite discouraging. This leads to further neglect and then various aiments related to ageing set in. On the other hand, a person who has regularly excercised, will experience a much slower ageing process. With a healthy and fit body, the mind is kept in a positive state and this motivates the person to take better care of himself or herself. Even if you have never excercised before, starting at an advanced aged could bring benefits. Discuss your ideas with your doctor and seek advice and suggestions.

There are various forms of excercise, your personal preference and condition can help you decide on what is good for you. Sports, athletics, badminton, table tennis, gold, squash are some suggestions. Simple excercise routines like walking, jogging and swimming can also be very useful. You might even want to consider joining a well equipped gymnasium, some of these do not charge heavily for monthly or yearly membership fees. You do not have to spend heavily to excercise, simple dumbells can also be effective. Stretching and bending excercises also improve the quality of joints and muscles. We will once again remind you to seek advice form your doctor, at this stage.

The last few decades have seen yoga, develop into a form of excercise. This is even more true of yoga practised in the west, the emphasis is on physical movements and postures. This is one form of excercise that works both physically and mentally, well known for it's stress control capability yoga is today taught in many countries.

The effort in the above report is to get you interested in excercising, this without any hope of financial gain for us. The point is that a healthy person works to nuture a healthy family and this in turn brings health awareness in the community. You can review a collection of excercise and health articles here. Do write to us at easyrambler@rocketmail.com if you have any suggestions or comments. We are not medical experts but, surely care about the community and society that we live in.