Crystal Therapy, Do Crystals Have Special Powers?

You might have heard of the magical powers of some crystals. When you say crystal theraphy, you basically refer to the usage of crystals to cure certain ailments in a human body. For those who believe in the powers of crystals to treat various diseases, there is no going back. They will just not change their mind but, there is another group of people. This group does not fully believe that crystals can cure sickness, at the same time they wonder whether it is worth trying crystal therapy. Such people wonder whether crystal therapy really works, they seek to find out the benefits of crystal therapy. Some serious ramble on this topic in the paragraphs ahead.

bloodstone benefits

Bloodstone, Green Jasper With Red Spots 

amethyst benefits

Amethyst Gem, A Purple Variety Of Quartz


You will find that almost every detailed writeup on any gemstone talks about the supernatural powers of the gem. For example, it has been believed for many centuries and even now that, wearing a bloodstone cures various blood disorders. The stone is also supposed to help blood circulation. Bloodstone a type of jasper with red dots is worn in pendants, amulets and rings. There is no harm in wearing a bloodstone jewel but, if you really are suffering from a blood disorder you should not let the bloodstone substitute your family doctor. 


A variety of quartz called amethyst is a popular violet to purple gem stone. This gemstone has been credited with a host of special capabilities. The most interesting one that we came across was related to, drinking alcohol. It was believed that drinking from a glass carved from amethyst would prevent the drinker from getting drunk! Crystal theraphy also credits amethyst with being able to cure arthritis. Now if you really suffer from arthritis, we would not suggest that you put all your hope and faith in amethyst and forget about the doctor!

carnelian gemstone powers

Carnelian Is Believed To Bring Calmness 

Blue Sapphire Gemstone, Trust And Loyalty 


Another interesting stone is carnelian, a reddish brown stone. People believe that wearing a carnelian stone close to your body helps you stay calm and composed. Now this does not sound as dramatic as curing blood disorders and is something that you could try. Controlling ones temper and emotions is quite often a mental capability. When a person is mentally disturbed due to a particular situation, he needs to tell his mind to calm down. If the carnelian can motivate you to get this done there is no harm in trying it. Chronic stress can have other causes and might require medical attention.


We now come to an interesting gemstone sapphire, available in a variety of colors this gemstone is very popular in the jewelry industry. This stone is believed to cure a host of illnesses including fever, inflammation and even cancer. This is something that you should not take too seriously. Do not skip your doctor's appointment and hope to see any miracles from wearing a sapphire gem stone jewel. For a long time in history it was believed that, all sapphires were blue. Knowledge about the existence of sapphires in different colors, came much later. It is therefore understandable that much of the folklore related to sapphires, presumes  blue sapphire gems. For example pink sapphire rings, have become very popular in the last two decades. 

tourmaline benefits gemstone

Tourmaline Believed To Improve Breathing 

black onyx gemstone benefits

Black Onyx Believed To Relieve Trauma 


Green tourmaline is one of the colors in which the gem stone tourmaline is found. In crystal theraphy it is believed that wearing green tourmaline, increases the efficiency of the heart and lungs. If you are a healthy person but would like to wear this gem stone for it's powers, go ahead and try it. But if you really have a medical problem with your heart or lungs, quickly visiting your family doctor might be a better idea. Once you have started receiving medication or treatment by a doctor, you can wear a green tourmaline to give you mental satisfaction. The Kaisilver tourmaline rings collection, showcases some gorgeous pink and green tourmaline rings for men and women. 


Wearing a black onyx stone is supposed to help a person get over a tragic event. It helps the mind to ease itself of highly emotional situations. This is a belief and could have no adverse effects. When the mind or heart is emotionally upset, it takes a strong mindset to recover for such a situation. At such times believing strongly that, some activity or practice would calm down the mind - can be helpful. Kaisilver onyx jewelry, provides some interesting options to wear a black onyx gemstone - we offer suggestions that go beyond onyx rings. 


If you have read the above paragraphs, you will notice a pattern. While we do not laugh at the claims of special powers of certain stones, we also do not recommend giving up conventional treatments under medical supervision. In cases where mental stress or peace of mind are claimed to be addressed by crystals, there might be no harm in trying. However if the condition becomes worse or remains persistent, your doctor might be the right person to help.

Meditation in many forms is practiced in practically every country. This might not have a religious angle to it. Crystal therapy has developed specific roles for various crystals used in meditation. It is quite harmless to try using these stones in your meditation session.

If you are a new comer to meditation:

Firstly, choose a room that makes you feel comfortable. A very hot or very stuffy room or a room with plenty of noise might not be what you need. Would you feel more comfortable if you could lock the door? Make sure that you are not disturbed by people knocking at the locked room door. The room should have good ventilation, an open window or small verandah attached to the room would be welcome.

Choose a time when you are free and not under the pressure of time. Remember it is the quality of time that you meditate which is important, not the quantity. Wear loose comfortable clothing, if the weather is cold, slip into a warm sweater. Choose the best position that makes you feel comfortable and calm, this could be lying down, sitting on a chair or even sitting on the floor. Make a visit to the toilet or bathroom, avoid doing this once you have started meditating.

Keep a glass of water at hand, slowly sip the water after completing your meditation. This will help you wind back to the real world and feel more comfortable. Airconditioned rooms can become dry as the machines lower the humidity level in the air. 

Do not take your crystal meditation too seriously. Doing you will make you feel depressed and sad when the expected results are not clearly seen. Meditating with or without crystals can bring about some positive personality development, so look at it with a wide open mind.

Medical experts believe that meditation if done in the right frame of mind can help control blood pressure. The systematic, controlled and disciplined breathing rythms recommended during meditation, help to easy stress and allow a person to think more logically and calmly.

If you feel relaxed during and after meditation, you are already seeing some direct benefits of doing it. Take this frame of mind into your daily life and work, it is bound to make a positive impact on your personality.


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