Yogurt The Beauty Workhorse

Yogurt is full of nutrients and it does wonderful things to your body but, this humble white dairy product can also be your most reliable beauty agent. Yogurt does awesome things for your skin, you need the simplest form of yogurt to pamper your skin. Supermarkets shelves are filled with yogurt, decked in various flavors and fortified with vitamins, minerals and a host of other goodies. When it comes to yogurt for your skin, keep it simple and stick to natural yogurt with no added flavor or ingredients. 

Almost every beauty expert will tell you that yogurt is a great skin moisturizer, it also helps keep the skin hydrated. Air pollution, frequent washing, cosmetics and even bathing soap robs your skin of much needed moisturizer. It takes more than just splashing some water on your face to keep it hydrated, frequent washing in fact has a negative impact on the skin. Signs of ageing  like wrinkles and blemishes can often be traced back to dry and undernourished skin. While you could splurge your money on one of those yogurt enriched skin moisturizers, a simple homemade version could be just as effective. Whip up 4 tablespoons of plain yogurt with 1 teaspoon of honey, apply this mixture on your neck and face and leave for 25-30 minutes. The yogurt does need to stay in contact with the skin for that time, do not hurry the process. Next, rinse your face with cool water and dab it dry with a soft towel. You could use this yogurt based moisturizer every alternate day. 

Regular use of yogurt for your skin helps relax and soothe the skin. If you hear that yogurt exfoliates the skin, don't be confused or shocked, this is technical jargon for one the good things that yogurt does to the skin. Yogurt contains lactic acid, this is what causes it to gently take away dead cells from the surface of the skin. A qualified beautician would refer to the process as 'exfoliation' of the skin. This along with the moisturizing properties of yogurt, leave your skin feeling soft and supple. Backed by both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities, yogurt can help reduce skin itching and inflammation, this allows your skin to relax and keeps it refreshed. Just keep in mind that there is no reason to limit the application of yogurt to facial skin alone, you can do the same thing all over your body. 

Yogurt acts as a mild bleacher, this and the exfoliating effect of lactic acid can reduce the visibility of minor blemishes and color patches that develop on the skin. To do  this more effectively beauty therapists recommond mixing 5 teaspoons of yogurt with the juice of one medium sized fresh lemon. Apply this mixture and rinse it off with water that is lukewarm. You might want to do this everyday for a couple of months. Keep doing it about 3 times a week after that. 

You might hear that acne breakouts can be controlled by applying yogurt, here is the truth and explanation. Bacteria and the debris of dead cells do play a role in acne breakouts. With its ability to gently peel off dead cells, yogurt helps keep pores clean and this reduces bacterial formation. When you apply yogurt to your skin, the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of yogurt swing into action. This helps clean up the skin and reduces the conditions required for acne formation. 

A bright day on the beach and you could experience the pain and discomfort of sun burnt skin. Yogurt helps cool the burning sensation that sun burnt skin brings, the zinc present in the skin helps sooth the affected skin.Professional beauticians add a few drops of olive oil to the yogurt before applying it on the skin.  

This report reveals the versatile properties of yogurt, just make sure that you use plain simple yogurt with no flavoring or coloring agents. Most grocery stores stock natural unflavored yogurt, this is perfect as a beauty treatment. You could also do a quick search on Google and find a simple recipe to make your own yogurt. The 4u2peek Lifestyle And Beauty Page, has more information on this topic, make sure that you give it  a read. 

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