A Snack or A Whole Meal? 

Try to look for the meaning of 'snack' and you will most likely read that, it is something light eaten between meals. Many of us take a snack 'just for fun', this even when we are probably not hungry. Doctors recommending have fixed meal times and following those schedules, we seem to develop a coffee or tea brake cum snack interval on our own. This really would not matter if our snack included some low calorie (preferably) high fiber, snack. The problem occurs when food dishes that are high in calories, sugar and unhealthy fat. We recently  came across an enticing recipe to make, one of the very popular Thai snacks - the Thai roti. This 'snack' is truly delicious .... but should really not be called a snack. Let's tell you why. 

Eggs, sugar and a generous dose of oil and melted butter are the basic ingredients required to make this Thai snack. Thai roti also has a range of fillings to choose from, the least complicated of which are ripe bananas. Most Thai cooks generously pour sweetened condensed milk over the banana slices. Thai roti can also be ordered with a variety of meat and sausage fillings. With all this lip smacking power it is no surprise that, this snack has a wide following. Luckily (or unfortunately?) Thai roti is rarely served in restaurants, it is generally sold through small food stalls dedicated to this delicious Thai snack. 

The purpose of writing this report is not to discourage you from relishing one of those heavenly snacks, it is just that you need to keep a tab on your calorie equation. Medical researches claim that people are today growing fat and obese, at an increasingly younger age - so do take good care of your health. The same is true of high calorie desserts, a better option would be to go easy on the meal and reserve a portion of your calorie consumption for the dessert. So the next time you snack up, count the calories and the time left before your meal. Work the calories out of the meal to accommodate your intake from the snacks. 

Keep in mind that special diets are often recommended for certain medical conditions, so if your doctor puts you off processed sugars and fat, just follow the doctor. Food is a necessity, it is often just too delicious to ignore, some adjustment in your eating time and habits and a few small sacrifices can go a long way in putting you on the awesome path to good health. 

The Thai Roti Report, has more details about this Thai snack, you will also get the recipe to make this popular Thai dish. 

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