Kaisilver Review On Buyer Complaints Related To Crystal Properties

There is a clear increase in the number of people believing in crystal therapy and crystal healing. When this happens it also means that the number of crystal therapists and crystal healers has shown a sharp increase. Kaisilver is one of the leading online highend custom jewelry providers, gems and jewels are sold for their beauty and grace. More importantly no special powers or capabilities are attributed to the gems and crystals sold by this provider. Kaisilver however does hear about issues related to other crystal and gem providers, buyer complaints about crystals that never 'performed' what they were supposed to.

So who exactly is to be blamed for such buyer compalints, this Kaisilver review tries to touch on this issue without getting too severe with either the seller or the buyer. We look at it as a combined responsibility, and hope that all gem and jewelry buyers will be more open with their buyers. Buyer complaints regarding the unfilled promises related to crystal powers, stem from high expectations. In most cases these expectations are brought up by sales hype or even by printed publications related to the powerful and magical properties of gemstones and crystals.

Before doing a review of buyer complaints related to crystals and the power of crystals, Kaisilver experts did a lot of research and reading. If you thought that most of the stories and superstitions related to gems and crystals originated in the Asian countries, you are mistaken. Educated authors from well developed countries in Europe and even enlightened writers from the U.S, have published books on this subject. It is truly amazing to see the tall claims published in these publications, the content is well written and very convincing. While everyone understands that this is all sales hype, it is quite possible that a person with a stressed out mind would expect to get some magical help from these crystals.

Things look okay as long as crystal therapy believers, stick to getting encouragement and motivation from wearing or even worshipping various crystals. Kaisilver found that buyer complaints tend to increase when buyers expect too much from crystal meditation or crystal therapy. Here are some truly exaggerated claims. Lapis Lazuli cures arthritis, the same power claims to be present in topaz gems too. Malachite is a remedy for bacterial infections! While there might be some historic records showing Indian or Chinese medicine, using powdered malachite stones for making skin ointments - it is surely not something that we should be recommending as a remedy for bacterial infections today.

Moving on to more examples of some over hyped powers of crystals, you could fine crystal therapy suggested for resolving as serious problems as eye infections and eye related disorders. Even a junior nurse at any hospital could tell you that, neglecting or mis-treatment for eye related problems can be fatal. You could lose your eyesight by improper diagnosis or medications, in many cases special the special attention of eye specialists is called for. The Kaisilver review states that, it is fairly easy to understand a customer complaint, after he or she was advised to use crystal therapy as a cure for eye related problems. Just for your information, crystal cure for eye ailments is supposed to exist in aquamarine, topaz, jade and opal.

There are some cases where the belief or use of crystal theraphy cannot cause hurt, but buyers are advised to use their judgement when following them. For example, the widespread belief that wearing a black onyx stone, will help a person come to terms with trauma or grief, can be helpful in some cases. A person who has lost a loved one, needs to put up with prolonged fight against depression and sorrow. Belief in crystal healing, might make this torment more bearable. While we do not recommend that you try a crystal cure for coping with such trauma or tragedy, it might be a useful option for people who already believe in crystal therapy or crystal healing.

It is important for the buyer to keep a balanced mind when getting into unconventional treatments for various health related problems. This might not be very easy when the situation and pressure puts severe mental strain and stress on the buyer. A good jewelry or gem provider should not try to exploit such a situation.

Now let us spend a few minutes talking about the origin of buyer complaints related to claimed crystal cures. Let us presume that a buyer who believes in crystal healing, asks a jeweler to custom make a blue lapis pendant in gold or silver. Now let us presume that the request for the jewel was all that the jeweler received. It would be perfectly okay for the jeweler to custom make the jewel and ship it to the buyer. In this case, Kaisilver feels that if the buyer was not satisfied with the lapis pendant as it did not relieve his arthritis suffering, the jeweler is not to blame.

Let us give the above scenario a minor twist, the buyer emails the jeweler and asks for a blue lapis bracelet or pendant. The email also mentions that the buyer needs the lapis jewel to be worn as a remedy for arthritis related problems. The jeweler would obviously not want to let the order opportunity go by, at the same time a small explanation would be fair to the buyer. The jeweler can suggest design concepts and quote prices but, should also mention that - he does not claim any specific powers for the gems or crystals that he sells or uses in his jewelry.

It is possible that the honesty of the jeweler could result in a lost order but, there are positive possibilities too. The buyer might decide to go ahead with the lapis jewel purchase because, faith in the crystal cure was already in the buyers mind before the query for the jewel was made. In any case, the jeweler should not try to remain silent just to get the order. In this case, the customer complaint (if any) would relate more to the exaggerated or wrong information acquired, regarding the power of the crystal or gem. The buyer would not have any grudge against the jeweler who answered his jewelry query and crafted the lapis jewel.

Our suggestion is to use crystal powers (if you believe so) to give you a positive attitude in life. For example, if you are undergoing painful and prolonged medication for a serious illness, you might search for a crystal that would give you faith, courage and strength to fight on. Something that you should NEVER do is to stop taking your doctor prescribed medication and instead, turn to a crystal cure for your illness.

The above Kaisilver review might hurt the feelings of a few gem and jewelry providers, it could also send some uneasy feels to crystal healers and crystal therapy book writers but the idea is to protect buyer interests and we are proud to take that stand. You can send your comments and suggestions to easyrambler@rocketmail.com we will be glad to hear from you.

There was a question related to cleansing crystals that many viewers from this website emailed us about. We have received permission to use the link to one such report but before you go to the report, please note that we do not claim that any crystals or gems have any supernatural of magical powers. The report can be accessed at http://www.international.food-recipe-cooking.com/cleansing-crystals-crystal-healing-frc-01.htm